Your Most Powerful Tool: Your Voice

Does Your Voice Support Your Fabulous Story?

Here are some observations that researchers have made about public speakers and the voice:

  1. People respond to speakers with great vocal variety.
  2. Successful speakers will change their vocal quality to target different people in the audience.
  3. People trust speakers with a lower-pitched voice, and who speak more slowly. (Patients actually perceive as more caring doctors with these vocal qualities.)
  4. The worst thing a speaker can do is to drone on with no vocal variety.

You can have the most interesting story in the world, but if your voice does not support your story, your presentation will suffer. 

Below are two videos that dramatically show how two individuals use the voice to give themselves power, credibility and charisma


After she had decided to become prime minister, Margaret Thatcher took voice lessons in order to sound more authoritative. Listen to this clip. Can you hear how more powerful her voice became after her lessons?


Well-known Australian journalist Stan Grant gave a moving speech about the Australian dream which, he stated, is grounded in racism. From the very first beginning of his talk, Mr Grant emphasizes the words he wants to highlight . . . especially in his repeated phrase, “We are better than that.” There is passion in his words, and his voice demonstrates that passion.

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