Testimonials for Amy Rashap

Public speaking & pronunciation coaching

“Amy Rashap adopts a pragmatic approach to tailor her training sessions for senior executives. I have benefited from the practical tips in these training sessions and have become more conscious of the discipline and preparation needed before making important speeches.”—B.G. (NS) Chee Wee Kiong, Second Permanent Secretary, Foreign Affairs, Singapore

“Yes, it is really good to say hello. . . . You have been such a great help to me and allowed me to improve on what is a very part of my whole self, and it is only appropriate that I recommend your services forward. In fact, looking ahead, I would very much like to take up the possibility of brush-up lessons at a later date because there remains much to improve.”—“C” (ex-high-ranking official; can give his name verbally)

“A very excellent and powerful lesson I learned today. It totally changed the way I prepare my presentations. Now I can equip myself in the future by knowing how to engage the audience from the very beginning.”—Nuba Mountains International Association of Australia, Victoria

“[Amy Rashap] was very knowledgeable and confident in her presentation. There was plenty of opportunity for questions and the teamwork was great. I gained useful skills: how to speak with the best tone, how to stress certain words, how to pause, and how to use body language. Amy, what an energetic and passionate speaker you are!”—Oromia Support Group Australia

“Amy’s public speaking workshop was well pitched . . . She took the group through a series of exercises that helped each participant craft her own message and decide who her audience was. Amy then taught participants how to deliver their messages in an engaging way. At the end of the workshop each participant stood and delivered her message to the group, putting all the skills they had learned into practice. Amy has a great presentation style and her energy was infectious! Participants gave very positive verbal feedback and we were pleased to see how enthusiastically they participated throughout.”—Anna Strempel, Education Officer at Centre for Multicultural Youth (organiser of public speaking workshop for women from Afghanistan, Pakistan & India)

“I took the pronunciation class at [CA International College] for eight weeks. I found it to be a great investment. I could communicate in English, but not that confidently. Dr Amy Rashap used many techniques to help me overcome this problem. She pinpointed my pronunciation difficulties, which was very helpful. Also, through many different techniques—storytelling, doing news broadcasts, giving speeches—she really helped me learn to use my voice effectively.  I feel much more confident when speaking English now.”—Kevin (business executive and a former student at CA International College / Heartpower, Singapore)

 “As a Vietnamese speaker of English, my delivery was choppy, and I knew I needed help with my overall pace and intonation. Dr. Amy Rashap has an in-depth knowledge of how to improve Asian speakers’ oral delivery. . . . She not only improved my speaking techniques, but also made me understand the importance of finding the story in even the most technical of presentations. My overall lecturing style has become much more dynamic, which has benefitted both myself, and my students.”—Le Ngog Sang, former Ph.D. candidate and tutor, Faculty of IT, National University of Singapore (NUS)

 “I [was] a Ph.D. candidate and tutor in IT at NUS . . . While my English is fluent, I felt that my actual delivery could be improved. To change the situation, I had the benefit of Dr. Rashap’s speech coaching for ten weeks. By the seventh week of our sessions, students . . . were complimenting me on my English, stating how fluent I sounded! I now can deliver lectures confidently, knowing my intonation and delivery support what I have to say. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Rashap as a speech coach to anyone who needs to take that final step towards effective communication.”Li Mengran, Ph.D. candidate and tutor, Faculty of IT, NUS 

“I went to the workshop on Tuesday and I found it really useful! Really appreciated! Is there any regular workshop running for improving pronunciation each week?”
—Jie (participant at a pronunciation workshop)

“I want to thank you again for all the advice you gave us today. Everything was really helpful, it was a worthy workshop. I look forward to other workshops with you!”
—Diego (participant at a pronunciation workshop)


Communications coaching

“Just wanted to tell you the students have not been able to shut up about you! . . .  I mean it in the nicest way. THEY LOVED YOU! When can we do round 2?—Frank Guzman, General Manager, Academy Xi (Melbourne)

“Found you affable, easy to listen to, interesting insights. The combination of facts . . . combined with personal feedback made it all believable. Found it highly intriguing. We want you back, thanks!”—Participant in a networking workshop, Academy Xi

“Very good session. Very informative and it helped me gain more confidence in myself.”—Participant in a networking workshop, Academy Xi

“I was not expecting to have fun in this workshop, but I did, plus [learnt] great tips and [experienced] great exercises.—Participant, Royal Society of Victoria-sponsored communication workshop for people with STEMM backgrounds

“This workshop has helped me learn skills to establish good rapport and to link [with others].”—Participant, RSV-sponsored communication workshop for people with STEMM backgrounds

“I learnt that a brilliant set of questions and a thoughtful conversation can open many doors!”—Participant, RSV-sponsored communication workshop for people with STEMM backgrounds

“Everything was great. Beginning the elevator pitch from a ‘why’ [perspective] . . . helped me convey my message better.”—Participant, RSV-sponsored communication workshop for people with STEMM backgrounds

Employment & job coaching

“Amy, how are you? I have an update for you: I was offered the role at ___ and I accepted. Your help was fabulous. I shared your contact details with a couple of colleagues.”
—Melinda (I edited her application form for an executive university position)

“Amy helped me so much to get my job interview answers right. I knew what I wanted to say about myself but was not sure how to deliver it, and most importantly, how to sound professional and confident. She supported me with great advice and motivated me with her great energy and positivity. Thanks to Amy I learned how to tell my own story in order to land that job that I was really looking for.”—Diana Rincon

“I would highly recommend working with Amy during your next job search. Amy was extremely professional, always returned my calls efficiently and gave me detailed advice and interview tips to help me secure the perfect position. she’s very personable and no question is too small-exactly what you need in a coach.”—Kobie, UX professional

University teaching 

 “In short, anyone who can hire Amy Rashap to help empower their staff or students in written and verbal presentation is lucky indeed. Amy’s classes were so successful that our institution is now fully committed to funding this program as ongoing. I wish very much that we still had her working with us in Singapore!”
—Dr. Emma Hill, Assistant Professor, Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

 “Most importantly, Dr. Rashap is an inspiring teacher. Generally, teachers are not mentioned by name in the module feedback, yet several students specifically mentioned . . . that Dr. Rashap motivated them to overcome shyness and improve their public speaking skills. . . . I highly recommend Dr. Rashap, whose abilities will benefit your institution.”—Dara Leah Richard, Lecturer, Centre for English Language Communication, National University of Singapore (NUS)

“Dr. Amy is very smart and knows how to engage her class. She knows how to give the right advice and is also very receptive to students’ opinions and feedback, making us feel respected. . . . New style of tutorial, different from what I had experienced before.”—NUS undergraduate, from the official teacher evaluation form

 “Dr. Amy . . . acknowledges the effort we put in for the assignment and encourages us to do well. She also gives us very constructive criticism when she helps us look through the drafts of our various assignments. Thanks to her we absorb all the knowledge like a sponge. I think that she is the best teacher that we can [sic] ask for.”—NUS undergraduate, from the official teacher evaluation form

 “Ms. Amy Rashap has this unique way of teaching that grabs the whole class’s attention. Her dedication, sense of humour, authority, together with friendliness, just never gives us an opportunity to get bored. This makes me want to go to that class and learn new things; and I’m sure I’m not the only one in my class who thinks like that.”—NTU undergraduate, from the official teacher evaluation form


Teacher training

“Dr. Amy Rashap both wrote the bulk of the curriculum for our English Communications Skills course, as well as taught quite a few of our classes. She is an excellent teacher and has received high marks from our students, who have appreciated her humour and her expertise in the English language. I would recommend her to any institution in search of a writer or educator.”—Tan Cheng Hua, Managing Director, IT21 Singapore Pte Ltd

“Amy was informative and engaging throughout the two-day classes. . . It was lovely having [her] as a tutor. She is experienced and well informed. She made the class a comfortable learning experience where I felt everyone could express their opinions and ask questions freely.”—Student, The TEFL Academy, Melbourne

“Amy was very helpful and understanding. She never put us under too much stress and was also fun.”—Student, The TEFL Academy, Melbourne

“Her experience oozed.”—Student, The TEFL Academy, Melbourne


Writing & editing

“Amy Rashap worked at Diaspora Action Australia (DAA) from 2015 – 2017. Amy came on board as a writer and immediately proved herself up for the task: she has written many articles for the DAA website, blog, annual report and other venues. She has proven to be an adaptable and sensitive writer, able to craft pieces in different styles, but always mindful of DAA demands.

“Amy also proved to be invaluable as a communications consultant. As a trained academic with a background in storytelling and cultural studies, Amy has worked with DAA staff and volunteers to help improve DAA’s own organisational storytelling culture. She has also led well-regarded storytelling and public speaking workshops for some of DAA’s partner diaspora organisations.

“Dr Rashap has helped us find, and refine, the story that we want Diaspora Action Australia to tell.”
—Denise Cauchi, Executive Director, Diaspora Action Australia (Awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia)

Amy has worked for SisterWorks in different capacities: as an ESL coach, an interviewer and a grants writer. A versatile individual, Amy is . . . an excellent fundraising writer, whose efforts have already brought positive results to SisterWorks.”Luz Restrepo, SisterWorks Founder and CEO

“As a writer and editor for People Trends Pte Ltd., Dr Rashap has written articles on a variety of topics. Her writing is of a very high standard, and she has the ability to find an interesting story in what can appear to be disjointed information. Amy also understands the importance of meeting pressing deadlines, and delivers her work on time. She . . . has a fine eye for detail and consistency. I unhesitatingly recommend her to any potential client.”—Daniel Ho, Executive Managing Editor, People Trends Pte Ltd.

“Amy Rashap is one of the best freelance writers we work with. She writes fluently and clearly, and can always meet a variety of writing requirements as well as give us many appropriate ideas and suggestions. It is a pleasure to work with her.”—Jerry Y. Peng, former Managing Editor of the Foreign Language Department, SanMin Bookstore (Taiwan) 

 “As a jewellery designer, I found myself in quite a spot when fronted with the prospect of writing my own press kit for a very important forthcoming jewellery launch. Amy Rashap saved me, for I could not get beyond writing a few scribbled notes. After interviewing me, Amy had figured out the key to my product launch. Naturally the event was a great success. Words are important, and the written word can make the difference between a success and a failure. So Amy, with gratitude, I THANK YOU!”—Delice Bravo, designer/owner www.lava-links.com

  “Dr. Rashap edited my book Light on the Lotus Hill: Shuang Lin Monastery and the Burma Road. She highlighted the importance of adding a perspective relevant to audiences who are not familiar with the subject. With Amy’s help, I was able to present the story with its important data in a reader-friendly manner.”—Chan Chow Wahauthor, Light on the Lotus Hill