Harness the Power of the Story
in your Presentations and Papers


Give them a hero and the audience will be yours

Craft your narrative so your audience can hear your story’s beginning, an action-filled middle section, and a satisfying ending. Populate it with characters who must face a challenge and overcome it.

  • Would there be any news if every day was like the day before?
  • Would millions of people watch movies in which everything remained the same?

Of course not

We are attracted towards change: we want to hear about people who face challenges and learn from those challenges.

The best presentations are those in which you, the speaker, make the audience feel like they are along on YOUR journey. Make the audience want to be a part of your story—of your universe.

Story = Challenge + Change + Conclusion 

Story canva

Does your story have a lively, beating heart
that will engage your audience?


dead heart


Unfortunately, we must diagnose this story as dead. It began well, with good characters and action, but it flatlined. It became dull and didn’t go anywhere. You don’t want your presentation or paper to be like this.

DEAD. (The audience snores.)

healthy heart
This is much better! The monitor shows a story’s healthy, beating heart. This story has interesting characters who confront change and rise to various challenges. If you can tell or write a story like this, you will get your message across.


 ALIVE. (The audience is with you every step of the way)


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