Pronunciation & the Voice: Tools of the Storyteller

Do your pronunciation & voice support your story?

Your pronunciation

  • Are you a non-native English speaker?
  • Is your English OK, but do you think that people have a hard time understanding you?

Having clear enunciation and eloquent intonation is crucial for public speaking.
Your voice can draw people to you . . . or turn people away.
For 15+ years, I have worked with people from Asia, Europe and Latin America. I understand the common pronunciation challenges facing executives from many different countries.

Your voice

It’s science! Here are some observations that researchers have made about the type voice people respond to.

People like . . .

  1. speakers with great vocal variety.
  2. speakers who change their vocal quality to target different people in the audience.
  3. speakers with a lower-pitched voice, and who speak more slowly. The worst thing a speaker can do is to drone on and on with no variety in their voice.

I can work with you to make sure your pronunciation and your voice support the fabulous story you want to tell.

We will determine which sounds give you the greatest difficulty. You will be given exercises targeted for your specific needs. We’ll work on your vocal range and expression, using activities that are fun, and  that you can practice at home.

Contact me for information about my unique From Sound to Story” series of ten workshops that will make executives confident speakers that people will want to listen to.

Contact me for information about my “From Average to Awesome” series of six workshops especially designed for international students seeking employment in Australia. Don’t let communication get in between you and your dream job.