Storytelling for Unforgettable Presentations

Become a powerful public speaker through storytelling

How to inspire others

Are you terrified of giving that presentation? Of delivering that conference paper? Of leading your division meeting? Public speaking can be very scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Storytelling is the missing link.

Learn to connect. When you tell a story to others, you forge a powerful bond with others in a way that dry facts and figures will never be able to do. Our brain is wired to learn through stories. So you must master the art of storytelling.

Many public speaking coaches will give  you different techniques to master:

  • How to start  great speech.
  • How to end a great speech.
  • How to use body language.

All these things are important . . . but if you don’t have the perfect story for your audience, none of those things will matter.

People remember stories with memorable characters who undergo challenges and learn important lessons.

  • All these stories have a hero who faces challenges.
  • Through many actions (conflict) he or she reaches an exciting, satisfying conclusion,
  • resulting in a changed world.

Do you wish to make a sale? Give a business presentation? Have a fabulous job interview? I can show you how storytelling is the missing link that will get you to the next level.


Storytelling attracts people because stories have a hero who faces challenges and conflict, and is changed in the end.

Think of what happens when you watch “Game of Thrones” or a powerful drama: You start to feel what the characters feel. You become immersed in a fascinating story.

Use this storytelling connection when you’re speaking in front of 300 people or with one job interviewer: if you tell a narrative about difficulties overcome, or of lessons learnt, you can become unforgettable.

If you use storytelling to align your values with those of your audience, you will become inspirational.

Let’s work on your story together. Tell me about your audience and about what you want the audience to do.
Eventually, of course, we will work on your great beginning. Your great ending. How to use your voice.
How to use appropriate body language.

But first comes the story. To connect.

Remember: It’s your story. Get it right.

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