About Amy Rashap, Communications Coach

Amy Rashap teaches non native English speakers communications and storytellingExperience

I’ve been in love with stories and storytelling ever since I was a child. I got a Ph.D. in folklore and folklife in the USA, which gave me an academic basis for appreciating the power of the story worldwide. While my career has been varied, one skill has underpinned everything I have done:


Throughout my career, I have been a storyteller. These stories have included . . .


  • educational stories when I created an education department for a cultural museum in Philadelphia.
  • proposals to receive funds for humanities programming for the Delaware Humanities Forum.
  • fundraising stories to raise money for the American Lung Association.
  •  stories about books when I was marketing and sales director of several major US academic publishing  houses (12 years’ experience).


When I moved to Singapore, I began teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). I received CELTA and TESOL accreditation, and for 12 years, immersed myself in this area. I soon branched out from teaching young adults at private schools into university teaching and executive coaching. I also wrote a series of 3 books (Reading for Success), and wrote several English curricula for Singapore organisations. I have worked with students from all parts of Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Then I moved to Australia and put all my experience together.

 A need for a communications coach for overseas-born executives & students

When I came to Australia, I too experienced “culture shock”. My lack of “Australian experience” hindered my own job search. Eventually I got a position as a writer and storytelling coach for Diaspora Action Australia (DAA). I coached many diaspora organisations in communications and storytelling. I also helped young DAA volunteers with their CVs and job interview skills. I saw how adults and students alike struggled with finding a voice here. They did not feel confident when speaking with Australians. They did not understand Australian culture (including the humour!) and often felt that Australians could not understand their accents. 

A program that combines pronunciation and storytelling

Tailored for executives & students who speak English as a second language

I have coached many Australian cultural organisations, as well as overseas-born scientists and international students who are seeking employment in the Melbourne and Geelong area. I have developed a unique, 10-step communications program for executives (From Sound to Story) and a 6-step program for international students (From Average to Awesome).

Feel free to call me at +61 (0) 401 702 350, or email me at arashap@eloquentenglish.com.
I am pleased to offer an introductory 30-minute session for executives, free of charge.

Communications coach in Australia 

  • The TEFL Academy
  • Agola Kapok Australia
  • Diaspora Action Australia
  • Refuge of Hope
  • Nurture Hope
  • MamaLand Hope for the Future
  • Oromo Support Group Australia
  • Nuba Mountains International Association
  • Centre for Multicultural Youth

Communications coach in Singapore

  • Senior Singapore government officials
  • Earth Observatory of Singapore (of Nanyang Technological University)
  • AXA Financial
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Maris Navigation
  • Cambridge English Academy
  • Housing  Development Board
  • Channel IT21