About Amy Rashap, Communications Coach

Amy Rashap teaches non native English speakers communications and storytellingExperience

It’s no surprise that I’ve become a communications coach: I’ve been in love with stories and storytelling ever since I was a child. I got a Ph.D. in folklore in the USA, which gave me an academic basis for appreciating the power of the story worldwide. While my career has been varied, one skill has underpinned everything I have done:


I’ve used stories as sales and marketing director; museum educator; university lecturer; and as a communications coach. You can see what I’ve done, here. However, none of those experiences prepared me for my own “culture shock” when I came to Australia!

Culture Shock

When I came to this country, my high hopes for a great job were smashed. My lack of “Australian experience” hindered my own job search. Eventually I became a communications coach and have worked with diverse cultural organisations in communications and storytelling. I also helped job hunters (with English as a second language) with their CVs and job interview skills. I observed how adults and students alike struggled with finding a voice here. They did not feel confident when speaking with Australians. They did not understand Australian culture (including the humour!) and often felt that Australians could not understand their accents. I realised I could try and make a difference with my own brand of unique coaching.

A program that combines pronunciation and storytelling

Tailored for executives & students who speak English as a second (or third . . . or fourth . . .) language

I know what it’s like not to fit in, and have used this experience in developing my program, specifically designed for second-language English speakers living in the Melbourne and Geelong areas. I have developed a unique communications program for executives (From Sound to Story) and a 6-step program for international students (From Average to Awesome).

To arrange a consultation, please call me at +61 (0) 401 702 350,
or email me at 

Australian organisations I have worked with 

  • Australian Computer Society
  • Academy Xi
  • Royal Society of Victoria
  • The TEFL Academy
  • Agola Kapok Australia
  • Diaspora Action Australia
  • Refuge of Hope
  • Nurture Hope
  • MamaLand Hope for the Future
  • Oromo Support Group Australia
  • Nuba Mountains International Association
  • Centre for Multicultural Youth